friends and friendship

here are certain kinds of friends

who can so easily discuss all things,

who feel so utterly comfortable with each other,

see one another’s inner soul,

and keep faith when things go wrong.


For  friends like these,

thelength of time

they’ve been together

is unimportant in determining

how well they

know one another,

and distance means nothing,

for true friendship has

no boundaries.



If  we should ever grow apart

in time or distance —

today, tomorrow,

or in the days ahead —

our friendship will still

be embedded

in my mind,

my heart,

and my soul.

Regardless of where you are,

know that you have a friend

in me…



2 thoughts on “friends and friendship

  1. pendek kata,

    suasana hari raya telahmemotong segala yang lain…
    tapi jgn lupa la ye.. tiga hari lagi balance posa beb..

    friends… kawan sahabat.. sentiasa ada di mana -mana ssaja.. pandai2 lah pileh kawan…
    kawan yang baik elok la tu…

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