Alone, now I sit, wondering what happened to that night where you and I stayed together, and vowed to be with each other forever.

Alone, now I weep, no thoughts but you entering my mind. The pain in my heart stands alas, my dreams no more sublime.

A night without you, is like a night without stars. Alone, I sit, watching the window and waiting for you to arrive. The fresh white snow stays still, no tracks, no movement, no dark sky.

Alas the night is over, sleep o’ertakes me from the way. I stand in belief, stand in love, ready for another day.

Distraught words come from my lips, as tears fall from my cheeks. No more words, no more dreams, no more of being weak.

Stronger I stand, in love I see, a dream at hand, a night thats landed in me..


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